Andersons Northern specialise in the delivery of high quality business advice to our farming clients.

We operate across the whole of Northern England and Scotland from offices located near York and Edinburgh.

As business advisors, Andersons' principal role is to assist their clients to understand the practical and financial consequences of both their current business policy and of the alternatives open to them, both now and in the future. Other areas where our clients benefit from Andersons' input include establishing and managing contract agreements, BPS and cross-compliance and managing environmental schemes.

As well as the skills and experience of our own teams, Andersons Northern can also utilise those of the other businesses that make up Andersons The Farm Business Consultants.

Andersons Northern have many years experience of providing practical business advice to farmers and are well positioned to help businesses adapt and develop in the years ahead. Please get in touch for more details of how our services can benefit your business.

Recruiting for a Rural Business Manager, Fife

We are seeking a business manager to assist with the running of a client’s Estate in Fife.

The Estate business consists of a variety of in hand activities in farming, tourism and food and the manager will be required to work across all disciplines.

The candidate will report directly to the owner and must be business focused. They must have an ability to provide strategic advice and management while retaining a practical, tactical understanding of activities and implications of their decisions. An active involvement in exploring, establishing and managing new business ventures will be encouraged.

The candidate will be required to have a high level of financial acumen as they will be asked to manage business cashflows, assist with the preparation of budgets and management of the business’s banking arrangements.

The position requires a team worker but a self-starter, capable of listening and leading.

Remuneration commensurate with the role and candidate’s experience will be paid and a house may be available if required.

This offers an excellent opportunity to a range of candidates from a rural background to expand their career horizons within a large entrepreneurial business.

To discuss the opportunity in confidence or get a more detailed job description, please contact:

Alex Caraffi

01968 678465

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dairy Market Update

Dairy farmers are starting to see the benefit of improved milk prices and it is fair to say that those improvements came just in time. Although prices have increased, some dairy farmers are still challenged due to the carryover of unpaid invoices or higher debt taken to cover shortfalls in income between 2014 and 2016. Depending on the system of production, the scale, debt levels and cost of production of individual businesses, we believe it could be some years before the industry recovers fully.

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Arable Outlook

The Brexit vote for the UK to leave the EU has undoubtedly improved the prospects for the arable sector in the short term.  Longer term, however, a vast amount of uncertainty still hangs over future trading and support arrangements.  How should combinable crop businesses react to this new environment? 

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Business Perspective with Agricultural Consultants

UK JT Issue 10 – Forum Questions

Q. Please tell us a little about your background, what areas you specialise in and your strengths as a consultancy business? 

A. Andersons specialises in the provision of business advice to farmers and growers throughout the UK. I personally have worked in Andersons for over 20 years and a significant proportion of my clients are dairy farmers. As advisors, we focus on business issues and particularly concentrate on profitable farming and farming systems.

Q. Dairying has become very volatile and challenging in recent years, should our members expect this trend to continue and how do you forecast the industry in the short and long term?

A. Absolutely! We at Andersons are convinced that volatility is here to stay and both output prices and input costs will fluctuate substantially over time. Whether a future downturn will be as bad for dairy farmers generally as it was between 2014 - 2016, we are not so certain, this will depend on the milk supply and demand balance, plus exchange rates.

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